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    An Iconic Lifestyle

    Samsara Heights is more than just a land. It is the promise of a lifestyle. A culture. A mesmerizing narrative. A place where you would want to return every time you leave. How? Imagine waking up in absolute harmony with all the five elements of nature- earth, water, fire, air and sky! Waiting. Whispering. Embalming your free-spirited heart. It takes the outside wilderness to flow into your urban life, letting you relate to your surroundings.

    You witness Corbett whispering to the backyard and Himalayas kissing the front-yard of your newly owned piece of landscape. You need to see it, to believe it.

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    Home in the Hill

    When you buy a land at the heights of Samsara Heights, you are entitled to imagine yourself a picture-perfect living. Your Samsara Heights offers you the opportunity to build your breathtaking home, just the way you want. Be it a stone farmhouse, a mountain home, a cottage or a villa; you dream, you desire and the land offers you the opportunity. Celebrate life in your unique landscape. Let the world know that you dared taking the biggest adventure - living the life of your dreams.

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    Strategic Location

    On your back yard rests the world famous Jim Corbett National Park and your front yard stands facing the majestic Himalayan Range.

    Why Stone?

    Samsara Heights is 5 hours drive from Delhi. It is on the main Ranikhet by-pass road, a sanctioned 55’ road that is already surveyed and approved by the Government of India. Owning a piece of the mesmerizing hills have never been easier than this!

    Just 279 kms away from the capital city of the country (Delhi), you are positioned most strategically to few of India’s heavenly tourist destinations.

    • Nainital is one of the closest family picnic spots
    • Ranikhet, the beautiful family picnic spot is located couple of hours’ drive away
    • Samsara Heights is located 7 kms away from the temple of Raja Hirohit
    • Samsara Heights is itself Corbett for you. What farther adds is your night drive which is nothing less than a mesmerising night safari
    • 14 kms drive from Samsara Heights takes you to serene Marchula, the land of Ram Ganga river
    • Renowned Binsose Temple stands 45 kms from Samsara Heights
    • The mini Switzerland of India- Kausani is a matter of 3 hours’ drive through meandering roads and ravines
    • Mukteshwar, the haven of conifers and orchards takes 3 hours 30 minutes to reach
    • Surrounding Samsara Heights are various other tourist destinations and exotic locations embracing the Himalayas. The list would include Bhowali, Shyamkhet, Ramgarh and many others
    • Wildlife, Clear sky, Waterfall, Peaks and Valleys come complimentary to all
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    Samsara Heights understands the value of money. The entire initiative has been designed keeping "you" in mind. Buying your exotic piece of land to build a home is not half as expensive as it is generally imagined to be. In fact, Samsara Heights can easily be called the only land offered in the entire area with:

    • Reasonable, affordable rate
    • High land owning gratification
    • Options of opting for means to ensure revenue for generations to come: through Samsara’s Revenue Sharing Plan & Assured Return Plan.